The Others

The Others is an ongoing project of mine. Description, background, and all the rest will come in time. I have to test out a few things, but I hope to make it all readable. Couple of rules, things from me and by me will be italicized. This will be a first person perspective from the point of view of two characters in the world, with them swapping back and forth.

Comments and reviews are welcomed, though you should know that this has not been thoroughly edited.

The Others is likely counted as urban fantasy and science fiction. It takes place on Earth, and most of the events take place inside a research facility for an unnamed company. The company has a contract with the government (most likely with governments, not just one) to collect and dispose of a certain breed of human who has only been called Other. The Others began appearing in the early to mid nineteenth century and no one knows why or how they have come to be.

When pushed too far, Others become Off-ers and rip through anything and anyone in their way until their energy is depleted. They typically do not survive the experience.

Everything is named by the company, who put little effort into the names.

For the first thirty years of the company’s work with the Others, their tactics were to test the subjects and retain control however they could. A new supervisor came in and was a bit of a psychopath, but he was seeing results and the Others were supposed to be disposed of anyhow, so the company let it go on.

A young BT Supervisor noticed that the calmer an Other was, the more able they were to bring about results on purpose. He wrote up the original Comfort Protocols, which were initiated in a few of the facilities and found fantastic results. The company promoted him to facility supervisor for his efforts.

Besides knowing that the Others were different, and seeing a few Off-ers as a bag and tagger, he knows little about the Others and their mojo. He knows they’re dangerous, he knows they’re scary, but he also knows that they’re scared. Most of them don’t know they’re Other until they are bagged and tagged.

Tags for this are 18+, m/m, violence, and more.

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Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight

This is, I think, the first post with the updated WordPress editor and it was very frustrating so I had Kelly take it out on the journaling software they use. It really seems like the sort of thing he’d attempt to rage quit on and Nuke would sit him down and show him that the information is there, he’s just being bullheaded and ignoring it because he wants it to be easier.

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Day Two-Hundred and Thirty-Five

Have you ever played Cat’s cradle? Hate and love that game all at the same time… WordPress has a new setup which may make this more difficult for me to find/format. Something something, look up classic block, such and so forth.

I understand it’s progress and I should learn to adapt and continue to adapt lest I fall behind but there are just two things I want. Read more and create line. I just feel like it’s too many steps to find those things.

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